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As I became beading a few months ago, I looked around the internet for any places that could help me with patterns or ideas. I want to share what I found with you so maybe you can get inspired as well


Pixelgasm is a great online forum. You can post your bead creations or any pixel art you create. There are some wonderful tutorials that can help you with ironing, re colouring an image. Plus even a cool flat ironing sprite. There is also a members only section that you can post about regular things in life. The posters there are great, so be sure to check it out.


This website is amazing. You can find so many templates in which to make bead sprites out of. You can find almost any game and there are new images added every week. It's fun to go through the games and see games you haven't played since you were a kid.


If you look up perler beads in the search you can find all kinds of Perler beads images that people have done. I have gotten inspiration from many of these people and some of mine are even posted. My User name is Angelcakes13. Be sure to check them out, as I won't always post new sprites up here.

Hopefully you will check out these links and see all the amazing work that exists in such a fun hobby.


That Bowser is epic! Since I started beading, I have wanted to make him. I finally got all the materials last week and on Sunday I sat down and worked on him for hours. I learned a few tips though.

First was the lovely settings on my iron. I had been ironing the thing for a few minutes and it looked like I hadn't done a thing. My iron was on a linen setting so the heat was really low. It took me a few minutes to see that cotton was the best way to go to get good amount of heat. I was off after that.

Second, something that big takes a lot of effort and moving books around to get it to stay flat. It was almost a constant movement of books and iron to get it to work right. Half of the time, I had to put beads back into place that popped out when I moved the books or the iron

Third. Taking it off the bead boards itself was a task. The bottom of it was bending and I had to be quick or the whole thing would have come off. It took 2 people to flip the thing over. In the end, it's best to get it steady on your hands and flip it over quickly so parts of it don't bend in the process.

Overall it turned out great. It's on my wall right now, awaiting a frame to display it in all it's glory!



This is the place where you will hear about my adventures in Perler beads. I have been working on projects for a few months now and have been working really hard to make pieces I am proud of.
This blog will also serve as a place to show any other nerdy art that I like, as well as other beaders who inspire me.
I look forward to getting the world of beading out to people.