Summer Breeze...

Well this month has been crazy to say the least, vacation, my birthday and a whole bunch of weekend activities. But I promise you, I am coming back with 3 posts. So hurray for that.This post is mostly just an update on some of the pieces I have worked on over the last little while.

This piece was from the sprites at Iotacons.
He does these weird 8-bit characters and I just love them. These were a birthday present for my friend. Beatles are her favourite band.

Fred Astaire has got to be my favourite old time actor. The way he danced and moved, I just love him. I will watch anything he is in. So of course my wall had to have him.

Back in February, I posted an image of a Link. It was done by Gallio from Pixelgasm and I just loved it. I finally got around to doing it and even though I changed the colours from green to a light red, I think it turned out really cute. I changed it to this light red because I had so many of these colours(blush and coral red). I love the look of them but I never manage to find something to use them for.

One of my favourite pieces that has floated around this great community is by Redherring. He did this cool 9 piece Megaman piece. So what had popped into my brain was a Kirby one. Because who doesn't love that pink fluff ball. Mine is the 7 levels of Kirby's Adventure for NES. Each piece is 50x50 and took me about an hour to two per one to make.

One of my favourite movies is Nightmare Before Christmas. We owned about 10 VHS as a kid and this was one of them. I watch it every Halloween and Christmas. Because it gives me a chance to watch it at least twice in a 2 month period.Now one of the first larger projects I ever done was an Oogie Boogie and it is still one of the best pieces I've ever done. Something so cool about it.Well I got it into my head that I needed to make another one but this time he should glow in the dark because he does in the movie.

Now these next three pieces are almost an inside joke of sorts but it's too cute and funny not to share. A while back, Redherring made the most delicious looking cakes I have ever seen. I wanted to eat them instantly.

See.... so cute and yummy. Well I made a comment about it and of course through the course of everyone, it became a big thing about if it's wrong to murder cakes or maybe we shouldn't eat anything with a face. My brain went into overdrive and this is what I came up with

See... now the cakes are being murdered. I love them and their cute little freaked out eyes.

Finally some quick Pokemon

I love working with the periwinkle and blueberry creme colours. They don't get used much, like the blush and hot coral. So when I get to use them, I get excited.

A huge update I must say, and two more posts coming this week. The interview with Rob Hawks that I promised and a RPG comic involving the members of Pixelgasm.


365 days of Beading

So over the past year, there has been this guy named Rob Hawks that beads something once a day, Today was day 365. I have to say this, I cried a little bit. It doesn't seem like a year since he started and I am so proud to see him stick to it.
There were times he was getting low on colours and having to be real creative. He really inspired me. The dedication he had to this project was amazing.

So this post is dedicated to an awesome guy, Rob Hawks.
Love you and proud of you buddy!
Knowing you, you'll bead tomorrow and the day after lol.

Also, he made a video to show everything he did over the past year. So I want you all to check it out and see just how much he put into the projects. Yes, he did iron every single project he made.

I will be doing an interview with him very shortly.