I'm the Oogie Boogie Man!

Tonight I felt like beading but really had no idea what I wanted to do. I looked through my files and saw nothing of interest. I went onto Sprite Resource and spent about 20 minutes or so looking around. I came across Oogie Boogie and decided he would be fun to do. So I added it to Perler Pal and saw it was only 5 colours. Score!
Well 3 hours later, it was a slighty different tune. There is so many of the beads I had to put in bead by bead. Let me tell ya, that part takes forever.

Once it was done, I went about ironing it. After last night's project disaster, I was nervous to iron it. Thankfully the beading gods smiled upon me and I had no problems at all. He is now hanging proudly in the bedroom.

May he haunt your dreams!


Ready to scream!

So tonight I was making my dad's father's day gift. It took me an hour and a half to put it together and another 2 hours to iron. I basically ended up remaking the whole thing, piece by piece. It was so frustrating. I almost threw it out!
But once I got the first side done, the second side worked so much better. I am relieved that I was able to save it and can't wait to give it to him on Monday


Kirby Collection Part 1

Without even realizing it, I started a Kirby collection. I love that little guy. I played the games as a kid and even recently downloaded one onto my Wii. I always play him in any Super Smash brothers game(usually I win too).
So when I made my third Kirby, I wanted to make them all. All his different forms.
I have slowly begun to do it. It will take a while as it requires a lot of different shades of pinks. So hopefully one day I will have an entire wall devoted to Kirby and his cuteness.

This was the first Kirby I ever did, I seen that someone had done a few Kirbys in different poses and this one was my favourite. This was also one of the first bead sprites I ever did so I love it!

This was a Kirby I wanted to do for my bedroom door. He is the sleeping Kirby. I have yet to make a sign for the door to go along with him. I made him using PerlerPal. He was the test run for that site.

This Kirby was done as part of the ghost collection but applies to this collection as well. So cute. He was hard to do as it was all these different shades of blue and I was missing one lol. It's on order now!

This Kirby was fun to do. He looks so cute making soup or whatever he is cooking. I can't wait to make him a part of my new kitchen.

These are just the start of a collection that will take quite a while to complete. I am excited to make them all :)


Bead Artist Of The Week

This week has been rather busy and hopefully I will get around to making a good size post over the weekend(it shall be devoted to Kirby lol)

Anyways, back to the main part of this post.
It is devoted to ShampooTeacher. He is my bead artist of the week.

The Link is amazing! The colour and the detail are great. It looks more computerish(not a real word but ya) than most bead art.

I want a scene like this in my own place. It's just so cool looking and big. One day I would love to achieve this!

I am so jealous of this piece. I loved playing Sonic as a kid and still really love Tails. 

So this is my bead artist of the week, look him up on either Pixelgasm or Deviantart to find more pieces of his.


Something funny

Ever now and then I get the sudden urge to buy a bucket of beads and just sit around and sort through them. Friday afternoon, I got such an urge. I have spent the past day just sorting through it, colour by colour. I am about half way done right now. It's insane how many different colours each bucket has. There is glitter beads, clear ones, neon and the regular ones. I have a huge collection and how even sure what I plan to do with them yet.
So hopefully once I am done with this bucket, I shall be back to beading some ghosts. Can't wait to have lots of cool ghosts around the apartment.


Bead Artist Of The Week

My first Perler Bead Artist of the Week

On the forum I visit, there is this girl named SerenaAzureth. Her art is some of my favourite. It's so different from all the others. She specialized in flat ironing her sprites and they turn out amazing. There is no words to describe my thoughts on them. She puts a border around them with clear beads and cuts them off with a razor to give the sprites a more squared look. She also writes amazing tutorials on how to do flat ironing as well as many other pieces.

Here are some of my favourites.

Zelda is amazing and beautiful. The detail in the colours is unlike anything I have ever seen.

I love this Princess Peach. I haven't made a Princess Peach myself yet and I would love to make this one.

These Tails are really cute. I love Tails so I can't help but squeal when I see these.

Wall-e is so cute and these sprites seem to capture that.

These are just some of the amazing pieces she does. If you want to see more, go to

Be sure to check them out, you can't help but be in awe of them all.


Ghost Project

I have a fun idea for a project for my collection. I am going to make ghost sprites for my apartment.
I have a few now, like Boo from Mario and Mssr. Boo from Wario Woods, but I want more.
Right now my apartment is in a mess due to some packing but hopefully this week I can get to my table and start beading.
I am making a Ghost Kirby, A Ghost Shyguy and a few others.
If you have any ghost suggestions, let me know and I will try and find the sprite to make it.
Can't wait to start beading again.


If you want to start beading

When I first started beading, I bought a bucket of 8500 beads and thought it would be good enough.
Boy was I wrong.
First off, the boards it comes with is only 14x14 and most game sprites require 16x16.
Secondly, you run out of black really fast.
When I first started graphing out patterns, I did it on graph paper, which worked fine for small sprites. Anything too big and I just couldn't do it.
After I found Pixelgasm and read a few tutorials and even found a good bead seller. Things have been a lot easier. I make things that are 4-6 boards and my latest project was 10 boards.

Now for anyone who wants to start beading, here are a few helpful hints.
1. Decide how big of an order you want to place. Getting about 3-5k of black and white will never do you wrong. Other good colours are Green,Dark Green, Red,Yellow,Perriwinkle Blue, Dark blue, Grey, Tan, Brown, Light Brown, Orange, Pink and Light Pink.(There are lots of other colours, these are the basics)
2. Contact gmrcdbaker13@bellsouth.net. Her name is Michelle and she has amazing prices, even for Canada. Giver her your postal code or zip code so she can tell you the shipping costs. She can also give you a list of all the colours that she has available.
3. Pick up 4 large pegboards(to start). They will come in handy if you want to make a few pieces all at once before ironing.
4. Pick up parchment paper. It works great and you can make any size you need and re-use it again and again.

5. Pick up some sort of storage unit for your beads. I have been using a tool accessory unit as it has a bunch of tiny compartments for beads and a few larger ones for colours you use a fair amount.
6. Look online for any patterns you want to do(refer to link post for places to look)
7. Have fun!!

Once you make a few bead sprites you'll be hooked.