10 reasons I love to bead

As I was looking through a blog, I saw a 10 things about me. It got me thinking of all the reasons I bead. I want to share them with people, so maybe you guys can get inspired to bead as well.

1.I love the relaxing feeling I get when I bead.
2. I love the feel of the beads between my fingers.
3. I love the bright colours.
4. I love when I hang up a project I am really proud of.
5. I love being the only person in my real life that does this. Makes me feel special.
6. I love comments I get on my work.
7. I love walking around my apartment and seeing all the fun pieces I made. It gives me such a nice feeling.
8. I love making gifts for people, now that I have something to make.
9. I love sorting colours from the buckets for hours on end. It has a weird calming effect.
10. I just plain love to bead.