California Dorks

I couldn't think of a good title so I decided to use the title of a song that I have been loving lately California Dorks

I get so excited when I put in a bead order. I check the mail everyday(something I never do otherwise). Usually they arrive in about a week. The slip that tells me I have beads awaiting me at the post office gets me all hyped off. I can't wait until I get off work to go get them. Pure excitement is all I can call it.

This time was no exception. Awaiting me in the glorious box was 80 thousand worth of beads. New colours from the Nabbi set as well as pretty much every colour from Perler. I wanted to be able to go for a long time without worrying about a colour I needed.

I wanted to share with all of you what it all looked like.
I even had to take two photos just to show you exactly how much came in the mail.

This is the set of Nabbi beads, there are more under it.

These are all of the Perler ones I got.

I must say, the woman I get them from is a packaging genius. That box in the Nabbi set pictures heads 80k worth of beads all in their little bags. I wish I could pack like she could.

I am happy to say that I seem to be out of my beading funk. Despite Pixelgasm still being down, I have managed to find some projects that were fun to do.

There was a reason for this one which has a funny story to it. My boyfriend has a lot of DJ equipment and loves to make songs using Fruity Loops. There is a constant flow of weird beats going through the apartment. He always says that he wants his DJ name to be Papa Large. My big joke was that he was really Papa Smurf. So I made him this.

This week has been a big adventure for me. I am currently working as a preschool teacher. So as a fun thing to put up in the room is a castle I made as we call our room Enchanted Castle. I love this one! It turned out amazing. The ironing was a pain. I have to figure out the best way to work my iron. Next project, I am going to take out all the water.

I love Kirby. Something about a weird cute pink ball that sucks things up. It's such an odd thing if you think about. Yet everyone loves him because he's cute. I guess it proves you could make the weirdest character for a game, as long as it was cute people would love it.(Same with Jigglypuff)

In another post I talked about how I was planning to build a water scene in my bathroom. I am happy to say some of it is currently hanging on the wall and coming along very nicely.

This weekend, I shall relax after my busy week(family parties and work) and plan to do more projects. Until next time!!


I'm officially a dork!

Now, I have mentioned in many posts Pixelgasm, an online forum dedicated to pixel art(Beading,painting,cross-stitch,etc). I just love this place and the people. It's a nice community where we are all willing to help each other. From looking for patterns, to questions and techniques. Anything and everything.
Now Monday I was gone out all day and didn't get to log on. Tuesday after work I tried to get on. Google had other plans. There was some malware that attacked my beloved home. It was driving me nuts. I wanted to go on and check out all the art I had missed the day before. The creator of the forum worked hard for 2 days trying to restore it. Thankfully last night it was back online.
For two days I was constantly clicking the tab I have on Firefox and then realizing it wasn't going to load. Three days without it and I felt very sad. I was bored out of my tree. Not even wanting to bead.
When it came back online, I wanted to jump around like a fool. I was excited. Other members I was chatting to were joining in on the happiness. We were all so glad to see it back up. I am such a dork for being that excited over an online forum.

So this post is to Doc(beloved creator) and everyone at Pixelgasm. Thank you for making it a lovely home that I hate to leave.

Now I leave you with a video that has made me very dorky as well. The background is done with pixel painting.