Mini Beads sold in the US/Canada

I have mentioned on this blog that I buy from a woman named Michelle Baker. She's fast, easy, cheap and getting beads from her is the best way to go in regards to pricing.
Now, in my pervious post, I mentioned mini beads. This week Michelle announced that she is selling mini beads.
So I figured I would pass along the info for anyone who is interested. I will be getting some for sure :)

(Just copying what she has said so the info is correct)

501-01 white
501-02 cream
501-03 yellow
501-04 orange
501-05 red
501-06 pink
501-07 purple
501-08 blue
501-09 light blue
501-10 green
501-11 light green
501-12 bown
501-13 transparent red
501-14 transparent yellow
501-15 transparent blue
501-16 transparent green
601-17 grey
501-18 black
501-19 clear
501-20 reddish brown
501-21 light brown
501-22 dark red
501-23 transparent black
501-24 transparent purple
501-25 transparent brown
501-26 flesh
501-27 beige
501-28 dark green
501-29 claret
501-30 burgundy
501-31 turquoise
501-32 fuchsia
501-33 cerise pink
501-34 neon yellow
501-35 neon red
501-37 neon green
501-38 neon orange
501-39 flourescent yellow
501-40 flourescent orange
501-41 flourescent blue
501-42 flourescent green
501-43 pastel yellow
501-44 pastel red
501-45 pastel purple
501-46 pastel blue
501-47 pastel green
501-48 pastel pink
501-60 teddybear brown

5201 large mini bead square

The prices are for 2k beads single colors: $2.75 each + shipping. I am sorry, but I cannot split these as they are too tiny.

The Large mini linkable square is $6 each + shipping.

Thanks for all those that have asked for these. They have been a long time in the making. I have to special order them from Denmark and they take like 4-6 weeks to arrive and I can only place an order about 2-3 times per year.

I prefer to be emailed directly rather than thru the forum: gmrcdbaker13@bellsouth.net

I take PayPal as payment. Please be sure to send your address when you place an order so that I can better determine the shipping cost and have a quicker turn around time on your price quote.

Thanks again and I look forward being the ONLY US seller of Hama Mini Beads


So i hope this info is good news for anyone.

Next post, showing off my Christmas commissions and projects.


Happy Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and I am really surprised that time has gone by so fast. It feels like just the other week it was my birthday.
I have been beading quite a bit lately and I have a lot to share with you all.

About a month or so ago, I managed to get a hold of something called Hama mini beads. Now the normal beads can see very small to some people but they are nothing in compared to mini beads.

Now you see the difference. The one on the right is the regular one and the one on the left is the mini bead. It's insane how tiny they are. I use a tack just to bead with them.

These are two Mario mushrooms so you can really see the size difference when it comes to sprites.

I look forward to more work with mini beads. They are so much easier to make necklaces with.

So the other week, I was testing out a blacklight bulb for some stuff for work. I turn around to see my wall by my bed glowing.

I LOVE my bedroom wall now. I have yet to take the blacklight out of my bedside lamp. Glow in the dark beads are great under a blacklight.

Now I have posted before about pieces done by Gallio from PixelGasm. Well he has yet again managed to outdo himself. He made these really cool ghosts that in day light look one way and at night glow a different ghost. He was nice enough to share the patterns with me so I could make them.

I made this portrait of Jason Bateman in anticipation of the Arrested Development Movie. I am a HUGE fan of Jason Bateman and will watch anything he is in. So this seemed appropriate to make.

Well I have some commissions to work on for Christmas. So those will be posted once they are done. Happy Halloween Everyone.

Photo Dump:


A RPG Comic..... and guess who is a character!

Yours truely is now a comic character. On good old Pixelgasm, some members have started a RPG comic. A bunch of us are characters and I tell you now, it's pretty awesome.
The characters are cute and somehow I have already ended up with a cute quirk. I talk about singing to heal. It makes me giggle.
Now there are two wonderful guys at the front of making this and they both deserve a huge credit. With writing, designing characters and just being awesome. Thank you so much Richard and Jake. Love this comic and you guys to death.

I am adding a tab at the top for the whole comic so far so it's easier to view and come back to whenever there is an update(will be posted on the FB page so like the page)

Now onto the beading part of this. I have done every character that is currently in the comic and plan on doing a cool poster or two for the apartment.

That is of course myself, Angel

This is Rumble

This is CuththroatPixel

This is Crausse.

This is Doc and Ein

This is Edd(CTP's husband)

This is Xstatic

This is Bettinasgj.

This is BobbeyJazz(hense the sax)

This is Gallio. The character is a girl but the person in real life is a guy with long hair. Seems appropriate.

This is PRS and Gracie(her cat)

This is RawrMonster

This is SpriteKnight. He makes all kinds of knights for his bead art.

This is Anphobia

This is Throbz.

This is Ronin

And finally this is Redherring.

These people are some of the coolest cats I know and however dorky our own comic may be, we all love it. So be sure to read it and comment on it.


Summer Breeze...

Well this month has been crazy to say the least, vacation, my birthday and a whole bunch of weekend activities. But I promise you, I am coming back with 3 posts. So hurray for that.This post is mostly just an update on some of the pieces I have worked on over the last little while.

This piece was from the sprites at Iotacons.
He does these weird 8-bit characters and I just love them. These were a birthday present for my friend. Beatles are her favourite band.

Fred Astaire has got to be my favourite old time actor. The way he danced and moved, I just love him. I will watch anything he is in. So of course my wall had to have him.

Back in February, I posted an image of a Link. It was done by Gallio from Pixelgasm and I just loved it. I finally got around to doing it and even though I changed the colours from green to a light red, I think it turned out really cute. I changed it to this light red because I had so many of these colours(blush and coral red). I love the look of them but I never manage to find something to use them for.

One of my favourite pieces that has floated around this great community is by Redherring. He did this cool 9 piece Megaman piece. So what had popped into my brain was a Kirby one. Because who doesn't love that pink fluff ball. Mine is the 7 levels of Kirby's Adventure for NES. Each piece is 50x50 and took me about an hour to two per one to make.

One of my favourite movies is Nightmare Before Christmas. We owned about 10 VHS as a kid and this was one of them. I watch it every Halloween and Christmas. Because it gives me a chance to watch it at least twice in a 2 month period.Now one of the first larger projects I ever done was an Oogie Boogie and it is still one of the best pieces I've ever done. Something so cool about it.Well I got it into my head that I needed to make another one but this time he should glow in the dark because he does in the movie.

Now these next three pieces are almost an inside joke of sorts but it's too cute and funny not to share. A while back, Redherring made the most delicious looking cakes I have ever seen. I wanted to eat them instantly.

See.... so cute and yummy. Well I made a comment about it and of course through the course of everyone, it became a big thing about if it's wrong to murder cakes or maybe we shouldn't eat anything with a face. My brain went into overdrive and this is what I came up with

See... now the cakes are being murdered. I love them and their cute little freaked out eyes.

Finally some quick Pokemon

I love working with the periwinkle and blueberry creme colours. They don't get used much, like the blush and hot coral. So when I get to use them, I get excited.

A huge update I must say, and two more posts coming this week. The interview with Rob Hawks that I promised and a RPG comic involving the members of Pixelgasm.


365 days of Beading

So over the past year, there has been this guy named Rob Hawks that beads something once a day, Today was day 365. I have to say this, I cried a little bit. It doesn't seem like a year since he started and I am so proud to see him stick to it.
There were times he was getting low on colours and having to be real creative. He really inspired me. The dedication he had to this project was amazing.

So this post is dedicated to an awesome guy, Rob Hawks.
Love you and proud of you buddy!
Knowing you, you'll bead tomorrow and the day after lol.

Also, he made a video to show everything he did over the past year. So I want you all to check it out and see just how much he put into the projects. Yes, he did iron every single project he made.

I will be doing an interview with him very shortly.


Every Breathe

So the other day I was looking at my blogger stuff and realized not only was my last post my Happy Blogging Anniversary, it was also my 50th! So Yippee for that!

This month has been crazy between me living on my own for the first time in my life to no internet for 9 days, its been an adventure to say the least. But in between all the craziness, I got to finally do a project I've had on the back burner for about 8 months.

My favourite movie is Casablanca. I just love it and wish I had a man like Rick lol. Or hell, even was Ilsa. Well last summer, I was given a gift that someone found for me in Amsterdam. It's an old Casablanca movie poster. It was to advertise for the movie. I love it! Well I decided I wanted to bead it. So I found the image on Google and tweaked the image to finally get it the way I wanted it.

Here are some progress shots:

Now ironing it was no treat. Every time I use Nabbi, Hama and Perler beads, I have to rebuild sections while others are cooling. Its a race against the clock.For me, this really becomes the most frustrating part of the whole project. I surprised myself by remaining calm and just doing what I could. I worked so hard on the project that I wanted to see it through. Over 2 hours of ironing, I was finally done. There are a few parts that didn't work out too well but I have to say, it turned out amazing.

If you haven't seen this movie, its a must see. There is a reason it's a classic.
Have a great summer everyone!!

If you want to hear the song from the title: Go here


Happy Birthday Blog!

On May 30th, it was be my blog's first birthday.
It's been a great year for me with blogging and just joining the blogging community. I have been reading some really great and inspiring blogs.
Now for my own blog, I realize I had my own wishlist for it.
I wanted to share the exciting world of beading and all the really cool things you can do with it. All the funky gaming stuff has been really fun to do. It brings me back to the young childhood days where I would sit around playing Super Mario World or Turtles in Time for hours at a time. I just loved the gaming world.
Now to me what is most fun about beading is doing the pictures of people or a photo of something. It gives it that really cool look and makes a neat piece of art to have up.

Now over the past few weeks, I haven't done that much stuff but I do have some cool pieces I want to share as well as two videos of my beading.

I was looking at different Mario 3 map screens and when I saw the Warp zone one, this popped into my head. The original says "Welcome to Warp Zone". Now in my head, Welcome to the Warp Zone sounded funny to me. I have no idea whether or not that even remotely translates to be funny to anyone else. My weird sense of humour, I guess.

Now this pattern was given to me by vudumonkey from Pixelgasm. Totally love this piece. I plan on mounting it at some point whenever I get the money to do so.

Now I was having a totally geeky moment on Friday and painted some of my nails.
Here is the end result:

I love all Mario games and the green mushroom was always my favourite. So why not have mushroom nails :).

Now over the past few weeks, it's come up in a few places on how exactly I bead. So I figured what better place to share how I do it then my very own blog.

Now I do tend to ramble so ignore that part lol.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first year of blogging with me and there will be much more to come. Thank you so much for all your comments. I love hearing from new people!