Another lack in updating

Next week I move so naturally I haven't had any time to update this. Once I move, I will have a much better beading setup so creations will be that much easier. I promise there will be pictures once I am done setting it all up.


Items I made for other people

Since I have started beading, I have come to have friends and family want pieces for themselves.
The first ever piece came after I put up a Koala at work and one my of co-workers wanted signs for her little sisters.
I was happy to do it. It was the first time I was commissioned as well as I generally like making people happy.

The girls loved them. Plus I liked making two girls(7 and 9) happy. Plus I made 10$ off of them.
Not bad for my first piece.

Then begun my gift giving. I wanted a way to make unique stuff for friends that they wanted. Over the next year, my money will become tighter and tighter, so the best way to still give gifts is for me to ask people what they want and make it for them.

My mom loved my Lemmings set, so I made one for her.

She was so excited to receive it for Mother's day.

My old roommate was just about to graduate college with a Bachelors in Education. I wanted to make her something special. When we were living together, she talked about Legend of Zelda quite a bit and knew all the songs from every game within a few seconds.

It was also a great way to use my glitter purple that I had around the house.

I gave my Dad the Spider pig as he is a huge Simpson's Fan!

It's so cute. My dad was down visiting when he got it and kept telling everyone to watch his spider pig that was on the back seat.

Finally today, I gave my best friend's daughter a frame with a picture of her in it for her 2nd birthday. Her parents are huge nintendo fans so it was a great gift!

I got the pattern from GamerFaith so all the design credit goes to her.

So hopefully the more holidays and birthdays come along while I pay for braces, I hope my friends and family don't mind a little beaded gift. I really love to make them for people.


Mario in art

One of the things I have been doing off and on since I started beading was making wall scenes. Adding to them and making them look cool for when I have guests over.

I started out with a little one that was of Dr. Mario and the germ monsters.
I got the idea from something I had seen online. Or course, I can't find the original image, so I can't give them credit or I would.
I haven't framed it yet although someday I would really like to.

It's such a cute little reminder to me. I always see it in the bathroom mirror and smile because it was one of the bigger projects I first did. Plus I also learned how to do letters.

Another wall display in my bathroom is a Mario Water Scene.
I got the idea from another person online(as you can tell, I get my inspiration from other people)
This is the original idea. It's done with hama beads so the colours are a little different but I think they worked out well in my own version.

The artist is acidezabs On Deviantart.

Now here is my version of the scene:

Now there has been more fishes added since this picture was taken but sadly has been taken down due to the fact that I move in 2 weeks.

Now here is another mario scene that I have started to build over the past week.
My favourite Mario game is Super Mario and I always love doing bonus levels in it. Like the Bonus game after you get 100 points from the end bar thing. I also like the green mushroom luck thing you find sometimes through a level where you can earn lives. For some reason, those parts of the game I really enjoy.

I really like it so far. I want to do the background to go with it but I believe that is going to require me to paint so I may end up doing it on a plain background instead. 

Although this one isn't Mario, it has to be one of my favourites.
As a kid we had a really old computer with hard drives and floppies. One of my favourite games to play was Lemmings. I was addicted as a child and I still love it. So when one day while browsing for new bead ideas I came across the trap door the lemmings fall out of and I was hooked.
Of course, now that I blog I really have to remember where I get the images from so I can credit people because they deserve it. So if you did this, please tell me and credit will be given.

So I hope you enjoyed my blog on scenes that can be done with beading that makes it so much fun to display.
Be sure to check me out tomorrow as I will be posting about some items I have made for other people and possible ideas in the future to purchase


Sorry people

My blog has been slow this week as my camera is currently in Europe and I live in Canada. My boyfriend took it on his trip so I can't take pictures of any of my projects.
I will however, have a cool post coming up in the near future, featuring necklaces. It's kind of an experiment of sorts. So please be sure to check back.



Bead Artist Of The Week

I have been fairly busy over the past week to update. My dad was visiting, preparing my boyfriend for his Europe trip and working late.
So this week, things are calming down and I shall have some time for a few post ideas that I have been toying with.

This week's Bead Artist goes by Redherring.
He does some very cute and amazing anime girls. They all look so cute and sweet, almost edible lol.

This is his newest project and by far one of the cutest sprites I have ever seen. I simply love it. If anyone can tell me who she is, that would be great!

This is the coolest thing I have seen done to a bead sprite. I keep looking at it, wondering how you would ever create it and get it to melt like that.

Red Herring does great work on scene from video games. Each scene is done completely with beads. They look so amazing framed like they are. You can see bigger versions in his gallery so please go check them out!

If you want to see more of his work be sure to go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/redherring1up/ and marvel at all his work! Keep it up!