New projects

So in the past week I have done a few projects which I am very excited about.
I hate these beading blocks. It drives me nuts that I have nothing to do.
So without further ado:

I plan on making these into frisge magnets. They didn't take me that long to make either.
The images are from Bistro Recipe from the Gameboy. I found them through random online searches.

In the Inspiration post I talked about a bookmark that I found online. I started working on it yesterday and so far it's been fun. The hardest part was figuring out what the colours of thread were in regards to beads. Lots of google searches and comparing later, I had it all written out.
That part took about an hour and a half. I don't have too much to do luckily.

So this week KoolStuffForKids is having a sale on 6k of black and white beads. 50% off! I ordered 12000 of each. I am very excited to get them as I am running low on white.
Be sure to pick some up if you need them. White and Black are essentials.

Hope everyone is having a good winter's day. It's freezing here but it was sunny which I like.



That word seems to be my best and least favourite word lately. Trying to find projects that I want to do.
Every time I find something, I realize that I need more beads to do it lol.
So hoping in the next coming weeks to put in a huge order and get on the move.

That being said, I have found some really amazing pieces lately that I want to share.

I seen this piece a few weeks ago by an artist on Pixelgasm by Gallio. He has done some really amazing stuff and this piece amazes me. I will be doing my own by with red instead of green(once I get clear beads)

PS. He also made this!

Also in the past week I have come across some cross stitching blogs. They are pretty cool. There are so many different mediums to do gaming sprites with.

This piece from A Riot Patch of Pixels
has become my favourite cross stitch piece. She was even nice enough to send me the pattern for it so I plan on making it with beads soon :)

Also, welcome to the new followers that the blog has received in the past month. I am very excited to see new people here and hope that you all love the art.