Happy Birthday Nana

Today is Elvis Presley's birthday, which is always how I remember it's my grandmother. Every year on tv, the news would talk about his birthday so we would remember to call her because they shared their birthday.
This year I want to do a special post dedicated to her. A year and a half ago, she lost her battle with lung cancer. I miss her a lot.

When I was in elementary school, we had to write a paper about who our hero was. Most kids chose sport people, musicians and things like that. I chose my grandmother. She was a very special woman. I can't remember a time where she wasn't in a wheelchair. I can't remember a time she wasn't smiling. My grandmother had some major problems in her life that required surgeries and a lot of immobility, even in her hands. That never stopped her. She was always smiling and laughing when we were there. Joking around like every other person. She always had visitors at the house and she loved them all. Her loved to play cards. It was something my grandparents and parents did every time she was there. She even had a wooden block designed for her to put her cards in.
So for my mom's christmas present this year, I made her a very special piece. It is a picture of my grandmother at an Air show. My grandmother had a great day there and my mom just loves that picture.

Now here is what I made for my mom.

My mom opened it Christmas eve and cried. She loves it. It now hangs above the tv.

I wanted this post to be special because my grandmother was a very special woman and I love her very much.
Happy Birthday Nana. Rest in Peace and have some fun today
Love Jen


  1. that's beautiful Jennifer

  2. What a sweet tribute to your Nana! That was very nice of you to make this for your mom. It looks incredible!

  3. Thank you both very much :)

  4. omg that is so clever!!!
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  6. That's really sweet!
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  7. That is amazing. What an awesome project!

  8. Hi there. I'm your newest follower. This is a wonderful post and a fantastic idea. I lost my granny in 2007 and I still forget sometimes and think that I need to call and ask her for a recipe. You brought tears to eyes - thanks for the wonderful post. Your grandmother was amazing.
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