Happy Birthday Blog!

On May 30th, it was be my blog's first birthday.
It's been a great year for me with blogging and just joining the blogging community. I have been reading some really great and inspiring blogs.
Now for my own blog, I realize I had my own wishlist for it.
I wanted to share the exciting world of beading and all the really cool things you can do with it. All the funky gaming stuff has been really fun to do. It brings me back to the young childhood days where I would sit around playing Super Mario World or Turtles in Time for hours at a time. I just loved the gaming world.
Now to me what is most fun about beading is doing the pictures of people or a photo of something. It gives it that really cool look and makes a neat piece of art to have up.

Now over the past few weeks, I haven't done that much stuff but I do have some cool pieces I want to share as well as two videos of my beading.

I was looking at different Mario 3 map screens and when I saw the Warp zone one, this popped into my head. The original says "Welcome to Warp Zone". Now in my head, Welcome to the Warp Zone sounded funny to me. I have no idea whether or not that even remotely translates to be funny to anyone else. My weird sense of humour, I guess.

Now this pattern was given to me by vudumonkey from Pixelgasm. Totally love this piece. I plan on mounting it at some point whenever I get the money to do so.

Now I was having a totally geeky moment on Friday and painted some of my nails.
Here is the end result:

I love all Mario games and the green mushroom was always my favourite. So why not have mushroom nails :).

Now over the past few weeks, it's come up in a few places on how exactly I bead. So I figured what better place to share how I do it then my very own blog.

Now I do tend to ramble so ignore that part lol.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first year of blogging with me and there will be much more to come. Thank you so much for all your comments. I love hearing from new people!


  1. To me there is nothing weird about the way you bead! I have only just stumbled upon your blog and I am in love with it, so Happy Belated Blog Birthday and keep beading (while I continue to look back over more of your awesome posts :D)


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