365 days of Beading

So over the past year, there has been this guy named Rob Hawks that beads something once a day, Today was day 365. I have to say this, I cried a little bit. It doesn't seem like a year since he started and I am so proud to see him stick to it.
There were times he was getting low on colours and having to be real creative. He really inspired me. The dedication he had to this project was amazing.

So this post is dedicated to an awesome guy, Rob Hawks.
Love you and proud of you buddy!
Knowing you, you'll bead tomorrow and the day after lol.

Also, he made a video to show everything he did over the past year. So I want you all to check it out and see just how much he put into the projects. Yes, he did iron every single project he made.

I will be doing an interview with him very shortly.

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