Mixed Media

Perler beading is something that people are unaware of the possibilities of it. It really can span a large area of the world of art.
Recently, I have started working on my own pieces and trying to expand my knowledge, understanding and talent. I usually just did the beading itself and tacked it to the wall. Now I have begun to make necklaces,painting and key chains.

Here are some of the necklaces/keychains I have made.

All of these were made with mini beads. Mini beads are 1/4 the size of regular beads. When I use the normal beads, I do so with my hands. However mini beads require me to use a needle or a tack because the same of them is just too small.
One thing I did learn is that where ever you are going to put the hoops, you need to take out the beads. I didn't do that with the one from the last picture. It was a royal pain to get the hoops to go in. After some practice, my ironing with mini beads has gotten better. I have to turn down the heat quite a bit and do something called flat ironing, which has no holes throughout the piece.
This is something I plan to work on more in the future.(reference to ideas will be at the end of the post)

These are the three pieces I have done. I am not a skilled painter in the least. I do have to say, I am quite pleased with how they all turned out. The Big Apple one bugs me a bit just because the writing isn't straight. However, it was my first time painting so I will take it as a learning curve.

Now, here is where I am going to give some shoutouts to other people on their mixed media style.
It really amazes me on what people can do.

These are from EEK Creations. She is one of the most talented people in mixed media with bead art(as well as other art). Please check out her facebook page and be in AWE of her just like I am.

This was made by a friend of mine Jake. It is one of the coolest effects I have seen with beads. It's 3 layers of flat ironed beads, glued together and placed on canvas. We call it the Rumble Effect(an inside joke of sorts). It makes me wish I could find something cool to layer like that.

Ok, this one isn't a mixed media but it needs to be seen by a lot of people.

This is ALL beads! It's massive and awesome. This was done by a guy who goes by the alias "ShampooTeacher". He says it took him about 130 hours to bead and iron.
If your jaw doesn't drop at this, I would be shocked.
Be sure to check out his website: www.shampooteacher.com

Well folks, that is all she wrote.
Until next time
Jen :D

Links to custom image for Hello Kitty:http://instagram.com/p/MKN1bIvKdm/

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