Big update!

The past month I have been very busy. I moved on the first weekend of August and let me tell you that it was a nightmare. Too much stuff and two straight days of moving(with stuff in a shopping cart, I might add) and cleaning.
When we moved, my boyfriend wanted his table back that I had been using for my craft table as he didn't have some space to use his turntables. For my birthday I got a table so I went 3 weeks without beading anything.

When I finally got to unpack my beads, it took hours to sort through everything. Some fell out the back of their containers and got stuck in corners or on the packing tape that had kept them from falling on the floor.
When it was all said and done, I was so happy to be beading again.
Here are some of the pieces I did.

I love Toadette, when I didn't have internet for a week, I played so much Mario Party on the DS. It was fun and so I felt like I had to make Toadette. I got the sprite from the Mario Party game for Game boy advanced.

This is part one of like 50 of the pieces I am making for my sister's birthday present. She wants a huge Mario scene for her first apartment. She had better enjoy her present. PS. The Sun was fun to make but I remembered all the times I had to deal with the sun in the game. Who could forget their hatred of him lol.

I can't remember where I found this on the Sprite Resource website but it's so freakin' cute. I love owls and this one turned out really well. I hope to make more soon.

This is my desk that is being used to bead on. It's a good size and I will be able to make big projects if I want to. Walmart is great for simple things when you need them and they are a good price.
Now the Casblanca thing is there because it's an movie poster from 1949 from Berlin. My boyfriend found it in Amsterdam while on his European adventure and he knows how much I love that movie. So I wanted it displayed somewhere that I could look at it all the time.
The Belle that is on my desk I made on the weekend of my birthday. I am still undecided how I feel about the piece. I used the Sand colour, I just don't find the shade to be consistent so it looks odd in some spots. Plus the nose and lips really bug me. I do however, love the hair. It turned out amazing and I wish everything turned out that great.

When I was having my party I decided I needed some art displayed because I love to show these off. I didn't have a frame for Bowser so I put him over a Cork board for the time being. I have since decided that I plan on keeping it that way. It looks like he is popping out of the frame and it just looks really cool to me. Another art piece over my desk.

So there is my big update and I promise more things to come. This week I plan on doing a good chuck of my sisters present as well as a few commissions I got while without table. Excited to continue this blog and hobby



  1. omg love the Casablanca picture!!

  2. I figured you would. I looked it up when he got back from Europe and according to what I found out is that it is from the Belgian release. I just think it's so cool. Plus it came from europe so even more bonus love points.

  3. Toadette is my character of choice in Mario Party. I wish they'd come out with a new version of the game for the Wii, but my husband says they're doing a Mii Party or something instead. That was such a great series.

    Love your work since I'm a video gamer, too, and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. I always play Toadette on the DS version I have.
    My boyfriend didn't know who she was.
    Mii Party won't be as fun, maybe. I personally like the sound each character makes.


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