Quick Update

This weekend I only finished my current piece. Today I plan on working on something. I am excited for this one.

I went on a shopping trip Saturday because I had a big list piling up of things I needed. So I was at Michaels and they had these sale of buy a frame and get one for a penny. I was excited because I needed a frame for Starry Night. Now I didn't know exactly what size I needed so I got two and hoped for the best. I got to the cash and used my 50% coupon they gave me.
I ended up getting 2 frame for $5.01.
I was excited.
Now Starry night hangs above my computer desk. I am just so proud of this piece.

Hope you enjoy this quick update. I have a few things planned for the coming weeks.
Finally going to post the stuff people wanted me to make.
At any point if there is something you want to see made, don't be afraid to tell me. I am ALWAYS looking for new things. I do go through dry spells.

Have a good Thanksgiving!


  1. It looks so lovely framed - you should be proud of it!

  2. You are really amazing with this, amazing! I just never knew that this was possible!

  3. Thanks Crafty and Liz.
    I am very proud of it. I keep looking at Starry Night and smiling. It was the first piece I did that was completely different and really away from video games. Now it's got me hooked. I am hoping by Thursday I will have the new picture up of a brand new piece. It's looking really awesome.

  4. Such detail in these pieces! Really beautiful!


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