Ways to Connect to Me!

I am currently working on all the ways to keep in touch with me and this blog.
My goal is to work on getting more readers and even get people to start the hobby. It's fun and relaxing.
Here are the ways to keep in touch with the blog and myself.

1. Follow this blog with the Google Friend. I love checking out followers and their blogs so be sure to go that route for followers for yourself.

2. Facebook Fan page. It's located on the right sidebar. It's recently created(as in yesterday). I will post status updates about my projects, open topics, generally just chat to people. Don't be afraid, I promise I won't bite.

3. Email me at penelopethelob@gmail.com. I check that email all the time(through my igoogle page in fact), so I never miss any emails. I will more than happily answer any questions or search for the answer if I don't know myself(sadly I am not an almighty bead god)

4. Post Comments on any post. I respond to them all.

Those are just some of the ways to keep in connect with me.

Here is a project I am currently working on.

It's from a webcomic called Megatokyo.
If you know it, guess who it is!

Have a good Thanksgiving weekend!

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