Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play

Over the hills and far away, Mama Duck said "Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack" but only 4 little ducks came back.

I love this little song for kids. I really do. I like doing a deep quack sound for the Mama duck. It's just a great little kids song to teach them numbers.

A few months ago, I made some flannel board pieces for songs out of my bead collection. I made myself 5 frogs, a monkey, spider,sun, raindrop,star and the earth. Usually when I do a circle at work*, I use one of these pieces to involve my children with. They love them. They get upset and fight to rub them. They seem to really enjoy the feel of the beads under their hands.

So this weekend, I really started looking for patterns to make a bunch of songs for them. I want to show you the ones I have done.

Five Little Ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away. Mama Duck said "Quack,Quack,Quack,Quack" and only 4 little ducks came back...

One baby turtle alone and new.
Finds a friend, and then there are two.
Two baby turtles crawl down to the sea.
They find another, and then there are three.
Three baby turtles crawl along the shore.
They find another, and then there are four.
Four baby turtles go for a dive.
Up swims another, and then there are five.

Five busy bees on a day so sunny
Number one said"I like to make some honey"
Number two said" Tell me where shall it be
Number three said" In the old honey tree
Number 4 said" Lets gather some pollen sweet
Number 5 said" lets take it on our feet"
Humming their little busy bee song

I used these for Old Macdonald.

I used them today at work and the kids went nuts for them. Some of them they knew instantly what they were. The chicken and dog they weren't sure. So I may end up doing another pattern. I want them to be recongizable to toddlers. Overall they were a hit!


* Circle in the child care field is when the children are all together reading stories, singing songs and getting involved. It's focused on language, such as numbers, letters, animals and a big variety of topics all mixed together.


  1. These are so cute! No wonder the kids loved them

  2. Thank you! I plan on making other stuff as time goes on.

  3. I'm sure they were a hit! They are all so cute :)


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