Happy Holidays!

November and December are all very busy months for people, my included. I have been working on commissioned pieces as well as a few for myself.
I am getting ready for the holidays. It's coming up so fast, that I am not sure I will even get everything done in time. Every weekend up until I go away for Christmas something is going on.
I do plan on posting more about those activities as they happen.
I am looking forward to going home for Christmas. I love being with my parents and sister. They are amazing and I love them dearly. I have got some great pieces I am making them all for their gifts. I did get my sister something really cool, but I won't post about that until after the holidays once she receives it. I would hate to ruin the surprise.
The other thing about the holidays that I look forward to is my cookie party. When I was a kid, my godmother would have a party when she made dozens of cookies and all the kids gathered to decorate them. At first there was only 4 of us, but now that she has kids of her own, it's really grown. Sadly the past few years she has lived too far away for me to attend. So last year I hosted my own party, with her sacred recipe and everything. It was a blast. I am having it again in a few weeks and I can't wait. My favourite part has got to be watching Nestor the Long eared Christmas Donkey. It was a Rankin Bass movie that no one knows.

Here are some of the pieces I have been working on, as well as a video of the movie.

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