I'm officially a dork!

Now, I have mentioned in many posts Pixelgasm, an online forum dedicated to pixel art(Beading,painting,cross-stitch,etc). I just love this place and the people. It's a nice community where we are all willing to help each other. From looking for patterns, to questions and techniques. Anything and everything.
Now Monday I was gone out all day and didn't get to log on. Tuesday after work I tried to get on. Google had other plans. There was some malware that attacked my beloved home. It was driving me nuts. I wanted to go on and check out all the art I had missed the day before. The creator of the forum worked hard for 2 days trying to restore it. Thankfully last night it was back online.
For two days I was constantly clicking the tab I have on Firefox and then realizing it wasn't going to load. Three days without it and I felt very sad. I was bored out of my tree. Not even wanting to bead.
When it came back online, I wanted to jump around like a fool. I was excited. Other members I was chatting to were joining in on the happiness. We were all so glad to see it back up. I am such a dork for being that excited over an online forum.

So this post is to Doc(beloved creator) and everyone at Pixelgasm. Thank you for making it a lovely home that I hate to leave.

Now I leave you with a video that has made me very dorky as well. The background is done with pixel painting.

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