Back from the dead!

It's been a busy few months with workshops(for work), parties and just general life.
I swear my beading hasn't stopped or at least not entirely. I had felt a little uninspired over the last little while. Now I am getting back into it. It's one of those things I miss and when I start again, I keep thinking why did I stop?

So for your viewing pleasure, here is the things I have been working on.

Now before I show you this piece, there is a back story.
Over at Pixelgasm, there is a challenge up to do Warhol pieces or inspired by him. The four coloured panel one. Now a few nights ago, I woke up at 2am with an idea of this. Not sure where it came from exactly. It was the weirdest thing to awake from my sleep with a beading idea. All day at work, I envisioned what it would look like. So when I got home, I went straight to work. My vision turned out exactly as I had imagined.

I loved Dr.Mario as a kid. We would have tetris/Dr. Mario tournaments in our house, as there was a game for the Super Nintendo that allowed you to do that. It was so much fun growing up. Yelling at the Tv and trying to make combos just to mess the other person up. So this game holds a special place in my heart.

Now I posted the work in process a month ago and I realized that I never showed the final project

Thank you to Riot Patch for giving me the pattern and permission to copy it. It was a fun project to do and I learned a lot about using cross stitching programs to create beaded art. There is always something new to use to further this crazy passion.

My family has now come to expect bead art for presents now. It's something personal for them and I love creating it. For a while now my mom has been asking me to make more lemmings for her wall at her house. She asked for ground for them to walk on.

Now what's really funny is, the set she got a long time ago had black outlines to them while I forgot about it for these little guys. She now says a war is going to happen and the ones she has now are plotting for the arrival.
So basically my mom is going to have a war with beaded lemmings that she can move on her own. I may have to ask her to take pictures of the war for this blog(if anyone wants to see it lol)

Now last year I posted a picture of a Mario Scene I had in my bathroom. When I moved, I didn't put it back up(as I keep forgetting to buy tacks). Yet again no tacks but I am completely re-doing the whole scene.
Now the scene is going to be in two parts. The water will go around the middle of the wall. There will be Mario Fish underneath and Flying Mario enemies above it. It's going to be a time consuming project but I am loving it so far.

I hope you all love these pieces.
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Spring is coming!!


  1. Rumble here, lemmings look awesome :)

  2. Hi Rumble :)
    Thanks. I love them. My mom is too funny about them all fighting.


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