A RPG Comic..... and guess who is a character!

Yours truely is now a comic character. On good old Pixelgasm, some members have started a RPG comic. A bunch of us are characters and I tell you now, it's pretty awesome.
The characters are cute and somehow I have already ended up with a cute quirk. I talk about singing to heal. It makes me giggle.
Now there are two wonderful guys at the front of making this and they both deserve a huge credit. With writing, designing characters and just being awesome. Thank you so much Richard and Jake. Love this comic and you guys to death.

I am adding a tab at the top for the whole comic so far so it's easier to view and come back to whenever there is an update(will be posted on the FB page so like the page)

Now onto the beading part of this. I have done every character that is currently in the comic and plan on doing a cool poster or two for the apartment.

That is of course myself, Angel

This is Rumble

This is CuththroatPixel

This is Crausse.

This is Doc and Ein

This is Edd(CTP's husband)

This is Xstatic

This is Bettinasgj.

This is BobbeyJazz(hense the sax)

This is Gallio. The character is a girl but the person in real life is a guy with long hair. Seems appropriate.

This is PRS and Gracie(her cat)

This is RawrMonster

This is SpriteKnight. He makes all kinds of knights for his bead art.

This is Anphobia

This is Throbz.

This is Ronin

And finally this is Redherring.

These people are some of the coolest cats I know and however dorky our own comic may be, we all love it. So be sure to read it and comment on it.


  1. That is very cool, Jen!

    I have a friend who draws a cartoon every year about himself and his wife and what they've done for the year. They send it out as a Christmas newsletter.

  2. You beaded them all, nice! They look fantastic, as does the comic!

    A Crazy Horse


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