Happy Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and I am really surprised that time has gone by so fast. It feels like just the other week it was my birthday.
I have been beading quite a bit lately and I have a lot to share with you all.

About a month or so ago, I managed to get a hold of something called Hama mini beads. Now the normal beads can see very small to some people but they are nothing in compared to mini beads.

Now you see the difference. The one on the right is the regular one and the one on the left is the mini bead. It's insane how tiny they are. I use a tack just to bead with them.

These are two Mario mushrooms so you can really see the size difference when it comes to sprites.

I look forward to more work with mini beads. They are so much easier to make necklaces with.

So the other week, I was testing out a blacklight bulb for some stuff for work. I turn around to see my wall by my bed glowing.

I LOVE my bedroom wall now. I have yet to take the blacklight out of my bedside lamp. Glow in the dark beads are great under a blacklight.

Now I have posted before about pieces done by Gallio from PixelGasm. Well he has yet again managed to outdo himself. He made these really cool ghosts that in day light look one way and at night glow a different ghost. He was nice enough to share the patterns with me so I could make them.

I made this portrait of Jason Bateman in anticipation of the Arrested Development Movie. I am a HUGE fan of Jason Bateman and will watch anything he is in. So this seemed appropriate to make.

Well I have some commissions to work on for Christmas. So those will be posted once they are done. Happy Halloween Everyone.

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