Items I made for other people

Since I have started beading, I have come to have friends and family want pieces for themselves.
The first ever piece came after I put up a Koala at work and one my of co-workers wanted signs for her little sisters.
I was happy to do it. It was the first time I was commissioned as well as I generally like making people happy.

The girls loved them. Plus I liked making two girls(7 and 9) happy. Plus I made 10$ off of them.
Not bad for my first piece.

Then begun my gift giving. I wanted a way to make unique stuff for friends that they wanted. Over the next year, my money will become tighter and tighter, so the best way to still give gifts is for me to ask people what they want and make it for them.

My mom loved my Lemmings set, so I made one for her.

She was so excited to receive it for Mother's day.

My old roommate was just about to graduate college with a Bachelors in Education. I wanted to make her something special. When we were living together, she talked about Legend of Zelda quite a bit and knew all the songs from every game within a few seconds.

It was also a great way to use my glitter purple that I had around the house.

I gave my Dad the Spider pig as he is a huge Simpson's Fan!

It's so cute. My dad was down visiting when he got it and kept telling everyone to watch his spider pig that was on the back seat.

Finally today, I gave my best friend's daughter a frame with a picture of her in it for her 2nd birthday. Her parents are huge nintendo fans so it was a great gift!

I got the pattern from GamerFaith so all the design credit goes to her.

So hopefully the more holidays and birthdays come along while I pay for braces, I hope my friends and family don't mind a little beaded gift. I really love to make them for people.

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