Bead Artist Of The Week

I have been fairly busy over the past week to update. My dad was visiting, preparing my boyfriend for his Europe trip and working late.
So this week, things are calming down and I shall have some time for a few post ideas that I have been toying with.

This week's Bead Artist goes by Redherring.
He does some very cute and amazing anime girls. They all look so cute and sweet, almost edible lol.

This is his newest project and by far one of the cutest sprites I have ever seen. I simply love it. If anyone can tell me who she is, that would be great!

This is the coolest thing I have seen done to a bead sprite. I keep looking at it, wondering how you would ever create it and get it to melt like that.

Red Herring does great work on scene from video games. Each scene is done completely with beads. They look so amazing framed like they are. You can see bigger versions in his gallery so please go check them out!

If you want to see more of his work be sure to go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/redherring1up/ and marvel at all his work! Keep it up!


  1. That is totally Relm, from Final Fantasy 3/6.
    She paints monsters, and uses their power against them. With the... Fake Mustache accessory, she directly takes control of the monsters.

  2. I, uh, would also add that he does say who it is on his Flickr gallery. >.>

  3. I should probably read it! I was just lazy at the time.


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