Mario in art

One of the things I have been doing off and on since I started beading was making wall scenes. Adding to them and making them look cool for when I have guests over.

I started out with a little one that was of Dr. Mario and the germ monsters.
I got the idea from something I had seen online. Or course, I can't find the original image, so I can't give them credit or I would.
I haven't framed it yet although someday I would really like to.

It's such a cute little reminder to me. I always see it in the bathroom mirror and smile because it was one of the bigger projects I first did. Plus I also learned how to do letters.

Another wall display in my bathroom is a Mario Water Scene.
I got the idea from another person online(as you can tell, I get my inspiration from other people)
This is the original idea. It's done with hama beads so the colours are a little different but I think they worked out well in my own version.

The artist is acidezabs On Deviantart.

Now here is my version of the scene:

Now there has been more fishes added since this picture was taken but sadly has been taken down due to the fact that I move in 2 weeks.

Now here is another mario scene that I have started to build over the past week.
My favourite Mario game is Super Mario and I always love doing bonus levels in it. Like the Bonus game after you get 100 points from the end bar thing. I also like the green mushroom luck thing you find sometimes through a level where you can earn lives. For some reason, those parts of the game I really enjoy.

I really like it so far. I want to do the background to go with it but I believe that is going to require me to paint so I may end up doing it on a plain background instead. 

Although this one isn't Mario, it has to be one of my favourites.
As a kid we had a really old computer with hard drives and floppies. One of my favourite games to play was Lemmings. I was addicted as a child and I still love it. So when one day while browsing for new bead ideas I came across the trap door the lemmings fall out of and I was hooked.
Of course, now that I blog I really have to remember where I get the images from so I can credit people because they deserve it. So if you did this, please tell me and credit will be given.

So I hope you enjoyed my blog on scenes that can be done with beading that makes it so much fun to display.
Be sure to check me out tomorrow as I will be posting about some items I have made for other people and possible ideas in the future to purchase


  1. Oh goodness! I haven't worked with perler beads since I was a kid. These are AWESOME! I've seen using sprite art for cross-stitch, but I can't believe I haven't seen or heard of this before. Simply fantastic.


  2. Be sure to check out www.Pixelgasm-forum.com as it has a lot of other people's work like beading, stitching and some other cool stuff. I have an account there as well, Littleangel13, so you can find more of my work there.


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