Movie podcasts

When I do my beading, I really don't like to listen to music. I have found some movie podcasts that have really kept me entertained. It's nice to hear people talking while I focus on my work.

These ladies are so funny. I have listened to all their podcasts over and over. In fact in 15 and 16, they refer to me. Both my beading and just my general obsession with them. I am hoping to do a Christmas episode with them. Just trying to work out dates and stuff :)

I was told by the Cin-ob ladies to give these guys a listen. I just finished all their podcasts about a week ago and really love them. Their top 5 list made me laugh quite a few times and they talked about so many movies I had just never seen.

After having a brief conversation with the boys from Listcast, I was turned onto these guys. I just started listening to them when working on my last piece. They are so freakin' funny. Come the end of some podcasts, you can tell they have had too much to drink. It really just sounds like a room full of guys rambling on about movies. Worth a listen.

All these guys and gals are great and I wanted to pass on their awesomeness. So check them out.
Working slowly on Christmas pieces. Finished one last night, now I just have to iron it. I promise after Christmas, there will be some posts about all the gifts.
Happy Holidays!!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Jen! List Cast is awesome too, and they are SUPER nice guys!

  2. No problem Angie. You guys are worth it!


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