New projects

So in the past week I have done a few projects which I am very excited about.
I hate these beading blocks. It drives me nuts that I have nothing to do.
So without further ado:

I plan on making these into frisge magnets. They didn't take me that long to make either.
The images are from Bistro Recipe from the Gameboy. I found them through random online searches.

In the Inspiration post I talked about a bookmark that I found online. I started working on it yesterday and so far it's been fun. The hardest part was figuring out what the colours of thread were in regards to beads. Lots of google searches and comparing later, I had it all written out.
That part took about an hour and a half. I don't have too much to do luckily.

So this week KoolStuffForKids is having a sale on 6k of black and white beads. 50% off! I ordered 12000 of each. I am very excited to get them as I am running low on white.
Be sure to pick some up if you need them. White and Black are essentials.

Hope everyone is having a good winter's day. It's freezing here but it was sunny which I like.


  1. The cracked eggs looked like a face (nose and eyes), haha. Good stuff though! I saw that bookmark before! =D

  2. I did the outline for it first and believe me, it looked rather dirty LOL.

  3. lol, I somehow made my Powerpuff Girl phallic looking as well, no worries.

  4. I just laughed the whole time I was doing the outline. I kept thinking that if anyone seen me making it, they would wonder why I was making a penis lol.


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