Mini Beads sold in the US/Canada

I have mentioned on this blog that I buy from a woman named Michelle Baker. She's fast, easy, cheap and getting beads from her is the best way to go in regards to pricing.
Now, in my pervious post, I mentioned mini beads. This week Michelle announced that she is selling mini beads.
So I figured I would pass along the info for anyone who is interested. I will be getting some for sure :)

(Just copying what she has said so the info is correct)

501-01 white
501-02 cream
501-03 yellow
501-04 orange
501-05 red
501-06 pink
501-07 purple
501-08 blue
501-09 light blue
501-10 green
501-11 light green
501-12 bown
501-13 transparent red
501-14 transparent yellow
501-15 transparent blue
501-16 transparent green
601-17 grey
501-18 black
501-19 clear
501-20 reddish brown
501-21 light brown
501-22 dark red
501-23 transparent black
501-24 transparent purple
501-25 transparent brown
501-26 flesh
501-27 beige
501-28 dark green
501-29 claret
501-30 burgundy
501-31 turquoise
501-32 fuchsia
501-33 cerise pink
501-34 neon yellow
501-35 neon red
501-37 neon green
501-38 neon orange
501-39 flourescent yellow
501-40 flourescent orange
501-41 flourescent blue
501-42 flourescent green
501-43 pastel yellow
501-44 pastel red
501-45 pastel purple
501-46 pastel blue
501-47 pastel green
501-48 pastel pink
501-60 teddybear brown

5201 large mini bead square

The prices are for 2k beads single colors: $2.75 each + shipping. I am sorry, but I cannot split these as they are too tiny.

The Large mini linkable square is $6 each + shipping.

Thanks for all those that have asked for these. They have been a long time in the making. I have to special order them from Denmark and they take like 4-6 weeks to arrive and I can only place an order about 2-3 times per year.

I prefer to be emailed directly rather than thru the forum: gmrcdbaker13@bellsouth.net

I take PayPal as payment. Please be sure to send your address when you place an order so that I can better determine the shipping cost and have a quicker turn around time on your price quote.

Thanks again and I look forward being the ONLY US seller of Hama Mini Beads


So i hope this info is good news for anyone.

Next post, showing off my Christmas commissions and projects.


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