Kirby Collection Part 1

Without even realizing it, I started a Kirby collection. I love that little guy. I played the games as a kid and even recently downloaded one onto my Wii. I always play him in any Super Smash brothers game(usually I win too).
So when I made my third Kirby, I wanted to make them all. All his different forms.
I have slowly begun to do it. It will take a while as it requires a lot of different shades of pinks. So hopefully one day I will have an entire wall devoted to Kirby and his cuteness.

This was the first Kirby I ever did, I seen that someone had done a few Kirbys in different poses and this one was my favourite. This was also one of the first bead sprites I ever did so I love it!

This was a Kirby I wanted to do for my bedroom door. He is the sleeping Kirby. I have yet to make a sign for the door to go along with him. I made him using PerlerPal. He was the test run for that site.

This Kirby was done as part of the ghost collection but applies to this collection as well. So cute. He was hard to do as it was all these different shades of blue and I was missing one lol. It's on order now!

This Kirby was fun to do. He looks so cute making soup or whatever he is cooking. I can't wait to make him a part of my new kitchen.

These are just the start of a collection that will take quite a while to complete. I am excited to make them all :)

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