Bead Artist Of The Week

This week has been rather busy and hopefully I will get around to making a good size post over the weekend(it shall be devoted to Kirby lol)

Anyways, back to the main part of this post.
It is devoted to ShampooTeacher. He is my bead artist of the week.

The Link is amazing! The colour and the detail are great. It looks more computerish(not a real word but ya) than most bead art.

I want a scene like this in my own place. It's just so cool looking and big. One day I would love to achieve this!

I am so jealous of this piece. I loved playing Sonic as a kid and still really love Tails. 

So this is my bead artist of the week, look him up on either Pixelgasm or Deviantart to find more pieces of his.

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