If you want to start beading

When I first started beading, I bought a bucket of 8500 beads and thought it would be good enough.
Boy was I wrong.
First off, the boards it comes with is only 14x14 and most game sprites require 16x16.
Secondly, you run out of black really fast.
When I first started graphing out patterns, I did it on graph paper, which worked fine for small sprites. Anything too big and I just couldn't do it.
After I found Pixelgasm and read a few tutorials and even found a good bead seller. Things have been a lot easier. I make things that are 4-6 boards and my latest project was 10 boards.

Now for anyone who wants to start beading, here are a few helpful hints.
1. Decide how big of an order you want to place. Getting about 3-5k of black and white will never do you wrong. Other good colours are Green,Dark Green, Red,Yellow,Perriwinkle Blue, Dark blue, Grey, Tan, Brown, Light Brown, Orange, Pink and Light Pink.(There are lots of other colours, these are the basics)
2. Contact gmrcdbaker13@bellsouth.net. Her name is Michelle and she has amazing prices, even for Canada. Giver her your postal code or zip code so she can tell you the shipping costs. She can also give you a list of all the colours that she has available.
3. Pick up 4 large pegboards(to start). They will come in handy if you want to make a few pieces all at once before ironing.
4. Pick up parchment paper. It works great and you can make any size you need and re-use it again and again.

5. Pick up some sort of storage unit for your beads. I have been using a tool accessory unit as it has a bunch of tiny compartments for beads and a few larger ones for colours you use a fair amount.
6. Look online for any patterns you want to do(refer to link post for places to look)
7. Have fun!!

Once you make a few bead sprites you'll be hooked.

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