Jealous of Art

As I await my own beads, I have really been looking at other people's art for ideas and just being jealous of their talent.

As you can see it was made by Serena. She made this with mini beads, and her art work was simply amazing.

This was made my Brainader from PixelGasm. This piece simply amazes me. That something like this can be done with Hama beads(similiar to Perler Beads). I love the frame it's in too. Makes it seem like he has a famous piece of art work in his home.

This was done by Ashleyl0413 from Pixelgasm. I seen the movie a few weeks ago and simply loved it. Since then, the video game came out and many artists became doing Scott Pilgrim work. This has to be my favourite out of everything I have seen.

This was done by BloodyStar, a new member to PizelGasm. I love this one because it's looks so fluffy and cute :)

This piece was done by Kenobius from PixelGasm. It's so cool to see a more life like Piranha Plant.

These are just some of the pieces that I have come across over the past few weeks that make me super jealous. Can't wait to get back to beading.

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  1. these pictures are so kool there ace m8 plz post more on google thanks


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