Time for your opinion!!

I am constantly looking for ideas of things to make. I have a few projects on the go(all for other people), but sadly I have no new ideas for myself.
So my question is, what should I bead?

If I like everyone's ideas, there will be a whole post devoted for my readers ideas.

So please comment!!


  1. A fall leaf changing from red to green would be cool.

  2. Love the idea of seasonal items. Cute little black spiders for wall hanging? And then a net made of white beads?

  3. I should do a few Halloween things. Like Pumpkins and stuff. I never decorate for Halloween.
    Thanks you guys :)

  4. thanks for stopping by on my special day radical lady!

  5. I think the Halloween ideas sound great! :) Hey, perhaps you could throw in some candy apples, as well. <3 For non-Halloween ideas, Hello Kitty? I think that would turn out super adorable. Oh, and nice blog, by the way. *follows*

    -Lola (blogfrog [SITS] member)

  6. I do have a Hello Kitty. I will have to post it when I do the post devoted to everyone's suggestions.


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