A lot going on Part 2

Now, this post is kind of my thoughts that have come up since I began this hobby about 10 months ago.
I have just been one of those people who didn't have a creative bone in their body. I can't decorate anything and make it beautiful. I have always been jealous of other people's work, like scrapbooking or designing a room in their home. So when I discovered this through the internet, I was excited. It looked simply enough to do and seemed like a fun hobby.
I was really hoping it would stick. I tend to start things and hate how they turn out so I give up. I picked up my first bucket of beads and I was hooked. I found there was so much I could do with it and I really enjoyed sitting at my table making creations for my apartment.
Even now, I display them all around my home for other people to see. I love getting compliments. It just makes me feel special and proud of the work I do. Every time someone comes into my home and enters my living room, it's just endless questions of how do I do it, wanting to see all the materials. I love showing off my work, I really do.
Over the weekend, my mom was here and she was amazed at some of my work. She has her own pieces that I made for her and she just loved them. My dad has his spider pig hanging in his computer room at the new house, his only piece of art hanging. The tail of the pig broke off and it's hanging in the dining room while the pig is on another floor.

Now here is the difference between my first piece and my most proud pieces.

Now the boot with Mario in the corner was the first one I ever did.

Now Bowser and Oogie Boogie continue to be my favourite pieces and the largest I have done.

There is such a huge difference to me, that I can't believe how much my art has changed in the past 10 months.


  1. Wow, Jen! I see what you mean about the progress of your art. Your work is so detailed.

  2. Thanks. It takes a lot of time to do more detailed things, to get the ironing right. But I love that I can do more detailed art.


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